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Akeh Bernardine, Mindset& Mariage-Manisfestation  Strategist

Akeh will help you explore historical patterns in your relationships, which will lead to greater clarity about the changes you need in your love life. You will be able to improve on your communication skills, move away from negative patterns , devicing and developing healthier patterns going forward.

Your relationship with Akeh, as your coach will hep you gan insight about your current challange in manisfesting long lasting relationship with your partner.


It took Akeh  so many years of soul searching and exploration to find her calling- Mentoring and coaching women regarding relationships especially those that are marriage minded. This is her passion and in simple terms she likes helping marriage minded women looking to soon make that important decision in their life, and also helping to resolve issues with those in difficult marriages. An important part of her work is  helping women to develope high emotional intelligence/mindset to deal with complex issues not just in relationships but in almost every area of their lives so that they can enjoy the best life ever.


 Akeh support women on a one-to-one basis from her consulting room in South London. She also offer an excellent coaching service over the phone or via Skype, coaching clients across the UK, Europe,  America, Canada , Africa and beyond.

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Akeh Bernardine -BSc Social Sciences, Certificate course in Family focused practice, Life & Relationship Coach 


Let Akeh help you today:

To get married  to your soul mate, the man you rightly deserve as you are a wonderful woman.

To resolve issues in your relationship no matter the dificulties.

Call her now or  book an appointment to find out if Akeh can help you.


How  can Akeh  help you.

Her role will be to guide you to understand what is going on in your love life at a deeper level.  Akeh will help you undertsand why you are stuck in certain patterns, how to shift them to a position where you can be treated as the best gift for your soul mate, where you can  be your authentic self, heard,  valued and significant in your relationship. All it takes is an open mind and a willingness to collaborate and Akeh is here to listen , guide and support you to be whole again. Akeh got over this, you too can.


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You deserve that special man, let me help you!