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6 weeks online course.

Internal divine cleansing for a brighter, happier and fulfilled life.

Get all the support you need to transform your life and relationships into something extraordinary for the rest of your  life. You will be healed from every wounds, discover your life purpose which you could use as a base to start supporting others, as well as writing your life story book.

With uncommon wisdom, clarity and depth, AK lead women to navigate through their relationship history, clearing all blocks, healing the wounds, as well as identifying and challenging core beliefs that have been secretly sabotaging their love lives.


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The course is designed to help you uncover what has been stopping you from living the life and relationship you deserve so that you can heal from the circle of toxic relationships. The programme consist of 6 modules where you will eliminate the things that have been holding you back, not only regarding intimate relationships but any other relationship where you've had difficulties with either friends, families and co-workers.

You'll also get weekly coaching calls with me to get any questions you may have answered,  guest speakers training, and also connect with other remarkable women in a private Facebook group. This course will change your life and relationship forever.  


6 weeks online course.

Internal divine cleansing for a brighter, happier and fulfilled life.

You're  just fed up with relationships. You've contemplated divorce.You've recently gone through divorce. You're ready for a blissful relationship.


Here's what can happen in the next six weeks together


You will be happy, contented, fulfilled and never had to worry for the rest of your life about  relationships.

You will be living consciously. You will be making choices you’ve always felt impossible.You will be choosing how to respond to situations effectively.

You will be emotionally free instead of allowing events to control you. You will be  from all relationship dramas. You will be at peace and remain unshakeable when any negative problem is thrown at you.

You will be  confident, in control and powerful. You will know how to state your point clearly and effectively. You will be able to resolve issues around conflict and disagreement with ease.

You will discover what your triggers and defences are and knowing how to keep this under control. You will be thinking slowly, and avoiding reaching conclusions without properly hearing your partners perspective which often leads to misunderstanding and conflicts.You will be able to increase your intimate bonds. 

You  will eliminate limiting beliefs holding you back. You will  revived the spark in your relationship.

You will be crystal clear about what your needs, wants and requirements are.

You will be creating a shared vision for your marriage or your next relationship.



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Early bird pricing 

Grab the group course for $97 

Course will be $147 




No more EXCUSES !

The support is here for you to finally put a stop to the hurt, pain, frustration, sleepless nights...so the only thing stopping you is YOU!!

Now you may have been accepting the labels other people are giving you, You are accepting their lies and finding it difficult to connect with your inner truth. You are finding it difficult to release these toxic people in your life. Yes once you learn how to release these people you will thrive, as you will release what is no longer serving your highest good.

The greatest decision you are ever going to make in your life is to stop wasting time with the wrong people. You are going to separate from people who are adding no good into your life, and from those who are nothing but negative energy and drama.  You are going to be making conscious choices and decisions to no longer care if they spread lies or talked badly of you, only you know the truth. Cleansing your inner self will set you free. You will learn how to consciously chose to deleteall the hurt and pain,  keeping your doors closed and guarding your heart with all diligence.

You will get connected to women who will push you to the next level and stop giving your time to the wrong people.  You will purpose to surround yourself with others who have healed their wounds and are now chasing their dreams.  You will be in contact with women who are living their lives with purpose and who would in turn encourage you and push you to live your life purpose. See, the pain of your past is going to connect you to your future. You will learn what your values are.  You will feel confidant in who you are because you will learn to start listening your inner truth. You will learn how to approach people with confidence and can become an influencer of you like.

It's easy to feel your life is a mistake when you experience so much pain. It's easy to feel worthless because of the circumstances you may be in at the moment. I know it was for me. However, as I learned to listen deeper to my inner most self & my inner truth, I understood something profound; everything happens for a purpose. I know that can be hard to accept when the circumstances are so bleak, but there are no mistakes.  Your birth is not a mistake. You were not created by a mistake. Your life has value. Even the pain of your past has value for the lessons you are learning. You will learn to value myself in a way you’ve never done before. You will find out that if you don’t value yourself and set boundaries , no one will value you. 


It's time for you to have everything you want gorgeous.


Here's where I can help!

Let me introduce you to the modules of our lovely course

6 Weeks course only,

Healing relationship wounds for your divine transformation.



Conscious living and understanding the 3 types of conciousness.

Lesson 2: Understanding the feminine inner-self and feminine outerself.



Lesson 1: Family history, pattern and functioning.

Lesson 2: Identifying wounds (fears,  worries and  pain points from difficult relationships such as from  divorce, breakup, childhood and parents.




Lesson 1:  Identiyfing  the complicating factors .

Lesson 2: Articulating exactly the immediate and future dangers.




Lesson 1: Breaking down  emotional blocks and destructive patterns to eliminate blame and blending in affirmations on personal growth and transformation.




Lesson 1: How to be  crystal clear about your  strengths

Lesson 2: Replacing feminine inner-self with qualities that will take you to the next level of fulfilment, restoring  dignity and your feminine power.

Lesson 3: Daily practices to expand your healing process and living a peaceful and healthy life.



Lesson 1: Designing an action plan and implementing the strategies learned through out the course.

Lesson 2:  Parallel planning.


The information in these modules will also include:

Video lessons

Printable notes

Step by step exercises and implementation instructions.

Access to a brand new private "Members Only ' Facebook Group.  At the Divine Transformation Academy ,  within the Healing Relationship Wounds  "Members Only" Facebook group, you'll be able to connect and network with women who are on their healing transformation journey.  Meeting amazing women from around the world who are dedicated to helping one another create lives of  healing freedom and transformation.




 Being concisely clear about your needs, wants, values and requirements are in a relationship. Crafting your negotiable and non negotiable requirements.


4. TRAINING ON SELF CARE BY Nicole Dionne Willis.



Ready to join us?

Sign up today! 

Early bird pricing 

Grab the group course today for $97

Course will be $147 

Are you ready to change the future of your relationships? 

Grab a seat in the group programme today! 

Grab the group course for $97 

Course will be $147  

Early bird pricing until July 24 


Here is a sneak peek of the kind of results my ladies have seen...


 "AK has been so helpful. I had a partner who seem to undermine me everything and I was wondering if that relationship was right. With the support from AK, I was able to work on my self esteem and became aware of my needs and requirements. With the support from Ak I was able to make a decision d ended that relationship. I am much happier now and I have become increasingly aware of what I need in a relationship. I am also on my journey inhaling others, all thanks to the support I received from Akeh."

CHRISTINE: "AK, thank you so much. The months I have gone to therapy are not comparable to what you have done these past few weeks.  So thank you for your guidance and support. I have seen a huge difference in the way I handle things. I needed to stand for myself and learn to not to be bullied or manipulated."



"Thank you so much Ak. I didn't see things that way. You have opened my mind to other perspectives. I can surely understand the support you've given me. You have so much insight and as a result I feel so much stronger and relaxed. You showed me a different way. The analogy of the glass of water did it for me. Something just clicked for me. Once again, many thanks and keep up the great work"

NADINE:  "AK , I am really glad you supported me at the time things were really difficult with my partner.  I was able to understand my needs, wants and requirements especially my non negotiable requirements. This has helped me to make decisions that I was struggling with. My relationship has improved so much and I am now settled and happy with my partner and we've recently moved in together. I have also been able to work on my relationship with my mum. A lot of the emotional things I was going through, are now gone. I am a happier person, so thanks again."


Still on the fence? Let's see if this programme is the right fit for you during a complimentary call. Book your call today and change your life tomorrow.

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I know ladies that this course works if you are taking action and implementing what you are learning.

All you need right now  is to say yes. This will be the beginning of your transformation, where you will claim your power and live life from an authentic place. No more walking on eggshells.

You will absolutely see the results you want if you join this course and dedicate your time to the materials. 

I am fully committed to be in this journey with you, however its up to you apply what you are learning immediately to create your own success story.

You will be glad to know that this course enables you to take simple actions immediate without taking away too much of your time.                                          

Are you now ready to change the future of your life & relationships? 

Grab a seat in the group programme today! 

Grab the group course for $97 

Course will be $147 


This course is not really for you if:

Reason Number 1: 

You’d rather stay confused about   what to do regarding your life and   relationship.

Reason Number2: 

You’re willing to suffer the heartache   that goes along with believing thatyou do not deserve the best intimate   relationship.

Reason Number 3: 

You are not willing to invest 2.2$ per day for the next 6 weeks only and prefer not to take control of your life and relationship.

Reason Number 4: 

You’d prefer to procrastinate about   how with time everything will be ok.

Reason Number 5:

You want to repeat the same old   patterns in your relationship.

Reason Number 6: 

You believe your love life may improve on its own

Let me take a quick moment and answer some questions you may be having about this course.

Do I get Lifetime Access to the course?

Yes. Your investment is the only price you'll pay to get Lifetime Access to this course. *PLUS, anytime I have updates, you'll get access to those as well!  (at ZERO additional cost to you!).

When does the course starts and finish?

The course kicks off on 5th of August and will end after 6 weeks. However, it is completely self paced, so you decide when you will finish. However, I recommend that you block out 15 minutes in the morning to get the best results. Action and consistency produces massive results.



If you are not happy after 7 days, let us know! If you don't like the course within this period then you will have a 100% refund, yes for real.