9 Principles that I am Using to Show up Fearlessly Everyday




My 9 Principles am using to  Show Up Fearlessly, Productive And Happy Every Day
1.   I know that there time for everything. There is a time to eat, work, cry and when it’s time to sleep, I go to bed and sleep. I think about these things every day. I say it to myself, to my friends, my family, my clients etc that no matter what I may be going through, when it’s time to sleep, I must sleep. At first it was very difficult but as time goes on, it is now my new norm.

2.   I refused to be distress about a situation for more than 30 minutes. Thinking or worrying about a situation will not change. What makes the situation change is my actions. If I have to think, I spend my time thinking about my escape route and take the shortest route possible.
3.   I meditate daily by spending time to slow it all down.

4.   I start my day with gratitude and end with gratitude. When I get excited about my day, something amazing happens to me. It has a positive effect on my body which allow me to be what I want to be.

5.   I run away from things that irritate me or things that takes me away from expressing my best self.

6.   I pay attention to what I watch, and only watch things that add value to my life.

7.   I surround myself with people that hold you accountable and people that I learn from and people that will allow me to grow. I am aware that growth is not meant to be easy but it is fantastic as it allows me to be whoever I want to be.

8.   I refused to be victim and I refuse to make excuses about why I can’t do something.

9.   I am a high performer and I refuse to compare with anyone. Whatever I do, I do it to the best of my ability. If I am not comfortable it is because I am growing.

10.               When I take care of myself first, I show up to most people in a powerful way.

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