Stop feeling sorry for yourself

Maybe somebody did or said something to hurt your feelings.

Maybe you’ve had a tough life with lots of problems, and you feel like you can’t keep fighting.

Maybe you feel you don’t belong anyway.

You don’t feel like any one cares

Or maybe you can’t even admit why you feel sorry for yourself.

You don’t feel like anyone understand the situation that’s bothering you so much.

You’ve just had so much hurt and failure in your life.

You del like you’ve been cheated out of things in life.

However you blame yourself for the bad decisions you’ve been making .

Worst regarding relationships? a nightmare.

Marrying a person on the basis of merely intense passionate love, while ignoring, say, the person's low intelligence or lack of kindness, may be considered in the short run as a very romantic decision.

It’s not healthy to completely forget the past, but you can’t keep dwelling on the pain

The only way to heal your heart — and stop dwelling on the past — is to make peace with what happened. How do you do that? By working through the difficult emotions. It takes time and it hurts, but it’s the only way to heal.

Want to raise the quality of your life? 
Raise your standards.

My low standards had kept me in relationships that didn’t and clearly were never going to meet me.

My low standards had kept me in living situations I didn’t fully enjoy?

My low standards had made me lost so much weight from not eating due to being in a relationship with a narcissist .

My low standards had allowed people to be the driver of my life.

My low standards had made me settled for jobs I didn’t like

Raise your standards.Raise your standards.


How do you stop feeling so sorry for yourself ie dealing with self pity ?

Where in your life have low standards cost you the full rich expression of your joy?