7 signs that you are dealing with trust issues in your relationship.

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Trust issues is one of the leading causes of breakup in relationships.

In my work with many women I've noticed that the problems most couples face are usually arguments that can be traced to insecurities masked as trust issues.

Trust is the firm believe in somebody or in something.

We have all made mistakes in the past and it's not the mistakes you made, it’s how you learn from them.

7      Signs of trust issues:

1.   Entering relationships prematurely.

2.  Checking his phone regularly

3.  If you are not comfortable, confronting your partner , then that's a huge issue

4.   Tendency of thinking the worst case scenario

5.  Worried about phone calls or text messages from the opposite sex

6.    Cheating.

7.   Refusing happiness


Tips to build trust in a relationship :

1.    Before entering into a relationship trust him and trust yourself

2.    Make sure you are ready to give 100% in your relationship

3.    Be with someone  you know very well

4.    Make sure your heart has healed from previous relationships

5.    Be happy no matter what.

6.    Self- awareness about what goes on in your head and heart when with your partner


Some questions for you:


1.      Do you matter to him?

2.      Does he meet your emotional needs?

3.      Do you share positive moments together

4.      Do you feel free around him

5.      Does he misconstrued everything you said

6.      Does he acknowledge that he is wrong sometime


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