You will learn about the three best attitude that you can utilize to achieve your goals. The three P’s are positivity, possibility and proactive.


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Attitudes are beliefs, interpretations, points of view, stories, positions, and so on, that are acted out in behavior. Behavior inevitably follows attitudes.


Attitudes are as a result of your personality and temperament, family of origin, past experiences, and so on. They can be productive or unproductive, conscious or unconscious. Most importantly, we have the power to choose our attitudes.


Let’s look at the 3 P’s.



·      Staying positive

·      It helps you in overcoming obstacles.

·      Research shows that having a positive attitude increases the likelihood of achieving your goals.


Once you’ve identified a goal that you want to achieve, you made up your mind to think positive. You are standing your ground, do not fear or tremble, no matter the negativity that comes your way, you are not changing. You keep thinking of moving forward and upward only. When you think positive continuously, you will conquer and break any barriers along your way.



·      It's all about believe

·      You must believe your goal is possible

·      You must believe you earn it

·      Believe is more than being just a positive thinking.

·      It's deeper.


Possibility is believing! Possibility is believing! You keep believing that you are going to achieve your goal. Believing is more than a positive thinker and it is not just thinking positively, but you are actually believing that you are going to achieve your goal. You believe with every fiber of your being that you're going to achieve your goal



·      Right attitude is not just about thinking and believing

·      You must take action

·      You must roll up your sleeves and do something

·      As you take action in the direction of your goals, you are building momentum, you are solidifying your belief and your attitude is improving as you go along.

·      You must be on the move.


You have to be proactive, and you cannot just sit around being positive thinker and believing without taking action. You’ve got to get up and take action. Roll your sleeves and take actions to start achieving your goals.


Listen my friend, you have to make a choice regarding which attitudes you choose to enable you move to the next level. Nobody was born with an attitude, the choice remains yours.