10 Powerful ways, I can help you to change your life and relationships.


1. I focus on helping you to make the changes and accomplish goals that are important to you.

 2, I help to keep you focused, challenged and motivated for living your life with a vision, purpose and clarifying your values.

4. I help you to be the holder of the possibilities for the present and the future.

5.  I will help you to be capable of expressing and handling your emotions.

6. I will provide that valuable soothing, calming and inspiring presence.

7. I have an ethical responsibility to listen, hear you accurately, ask powerful questions, and be that positive energy for you.  

 8. My relationship with you will be an  ongoing, confidential relationship ·

 9. I am only focused on working with women who want to change

10· I can support you through my online courses, my group programme or regularly scheduled sessions.

These are just some of the things and it’s not intended to be a complete list,