Living an authentic life and hitting your goals: Session 1


When you were born, you had no idea that you had a stomach, hands, face head , mouth, that you should be ashamed of.

As a baby looking around everything is just the way it is, no negative connotations attached to it.

As a baby when you look around nothing was too difficult to do, nothing was expensive.

You were simply a human that grasp everything and try to make an understanding of your works.

In trying to understand your world, you had your parents who started filling you with stupid beliefs because that’s all they knew from their own parents. 

These beliefs are not actually true. Even today, a common phrase used by educated scholars is ‘I am afraid bla bla bla ‘ 

You also have those that are telling you, you’ll never amount to something, you are a stupid child, you are fat, you should be scared/worried about what they say about you, and this that will say, ‘ oh that’s worrying ‘, etc etc 

Your parents and the society makes you live in an illusion based on their beliefs. 

The thing is that we have both the conscious and subconscious mind. We are mostly using the conscious mind and not having a critical look at the subconscious mind or using it. 

The subconscious mind doesn’t have a filter and cannot know what is true and what’s not true. 

Well in my family, my parents would say being educated and working in an office is the only way one could make money , and be consistent. They’ll say oh , we don’t want anyone doing business in this family because no one in this family has ever done business. When you do business, you can make money but you can easily lost all the morning money. You must be educated to be doctors, professors, teachers, bankers, solicitors, but don’t ever run a business. Just go to the office do your job and retire back home. 

You see as good as that may sound, we had to believe them that , doing an office job was the only way to make money. —- why wouldn’t we believe them? 

You can see that our subconscious mind is running the show. It is acting on the information it receives. We grow up doing exactly what we’ve been told . 

Even when you grow up, you walk around still being controlled by what is in the subconscious mind. That’s why a-lot of people remain in the chains they’ve been caged, by their parents and society. 

How do we get out of this situation and start hitting those scary goals? 

This is what we will be looking at, dissecting these lies, so that you can start living your authentic life and hitting your goals. 


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Stay tuned and watch for session 2