My Top 10 Relationship Attitudes

Below is a list of attitudes that I believe are important for singles to adopt to find fulfillment in life and relationships.

singles to stop worrying.jpg
  1. I will be happy by having goals and letting go of attachment to outcomes
  2. I strive to live and “be” in the present
  3. I love, accept, and trust myself
  4. I focus on connecting, not results; a partner is someone to love, not an object or goal
  5. I strive to be authentic; being fully honest with myself and others, aligning my words, values and actions
  6. I strive to live my life with intentionality; making choices conscious of my goals and consequences
  7. I strive to take the necessary risks, overcome my fears, and stretch my comfort level to reach my goals
  8. I assume abundance; all the opportunities and resources that I need will appear
  9. I take responsibility for my outcomes by taking initiative in my life and relationships
  10. What others judge about me is about them; I strive to let go of what others think and not take it personally.

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