4 Powerful Ways I Used to Kick Toxic People  Out of My Life:

I stopped being hard on myself

I stopped accepting labels other people were giving me. I decided to stop allowing my self worth be connected to what other people thought. That is their view. I stopped accepting their lies and connected to my inner truth. I decided it was my view that was most important. That's when my life changed and I released the toxic people in my life. Whom were so poisonous they wished me dead. These people were determined that I was not going to make it without being in a relationship with them. But I thrived once I released what was no longer serving my highest good.

I stopped wasting time with the wrong people

The greatest decision of my life was to stop wasting time with the wrong people. I separated myself from the people who were not adding good into my life, and separated myself from those who added nothing but negative energy and drama. I made a conscious choice to no longer care if they spread lies or talked badly of me. I knew the truth. My inner truth set me free. I consciously chose to leave behind what did not serve my highest good. I refused to give in when they tried to get a foot back into my life, and I kept the door closed. I very deliberately and consciously stopped wasting time with the wrong people.

I got connected to people who pushed me to the next level

Once I chose to stop giving my time to the wrong people, I purposed to surround myself with others who where chasing their dreams, who were living their lives with purpose, who would in turn encourage me and push me as I strived to live my life purpose. See, the pain of my past connected me to my future. I learned what my values were. I felt confident in who I was because I started listening my inner truth. I now approach people with confidence and have become an influencer. I use the pain of my past to empower others today. You can too.

I learned my value

It's easy to feel your life is a mistake when you experience so much pain. It's easy to feel worthless because of the circumstances you may be in at the moment. I know it was for me. However, as I learned to listen deeper to my inner most self & my inner truth, I understood something profound; everything happens for a purpose. I know that can be hard to accept when the circumstances are so bleak, but there are no mistakes.  My birth is not a mistake. I was not created by a mistake. My life has value. Even the pain of my past has value for the lessons it has taught me. I learned to value myself in a way I never had before. I have found when I don’t value myself, no one will value me. When I know my value and treasure it, so do others.


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I will like to know what you think about the above 4 points and what are some of the other ways you've kicked toxic people out of your life?